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Alleanza Custom Homes brings together some of the most talented minds in real estate, construction, customer service and administration. Get to know us.



Shawn founded Alleanza Custom Homes in 2007 and has always based his business on trust, transparency, and excellence. Shawn understands that building a custom home is a lengthy process which requires significant emotional and financial decisions, and helps guide clients through the process in order to make the process as exciting and successful as possible. As a proud parent of two, Shawn is able to relate to many of his client’s concerns about building a custom home and supports their efforts to build a house which will fit each of his clients’ distinct lifestyles. Shawn is family-oriented and enjoys spending time playing with his family and watching his local favorite sports teams with family and friends. Shawn is also a licensed real estate agent and passionate about all things Real Estate.



Carlos brings extensive construction and remodeling experience to Alleanza Custom Homes. He specializes in electrical systems, plumbing, sheetrock, tile, and paint. He also works closely with the contractors and vendors to keep the building process running smooth and efficient. In addition to being bilingual, he is knowledgeable in all facets of building a new construction and home maintenance. Carlos graduated with a degree of business management from the University of Houston-Downtown and his education and experience allow him to combine his expertise in construction with a careful financial oversight, which allow Alleanza Custom Homes to build the house of your dreams in a more economical way without sacrificing quality. In his free time, Carlos enjoys running and playing and teaching soccer.

Juan Perez


Years of experience and an innate talent make Juan bring a creative, dedicated, and professional approach to each of the projects at Alleanza Custom Homes. From start to finish, he oversees, organize and keep track of every detail, so that everything goes according to plan, and our clients dream house comes to life. Additionally, his charisma, responsibility, as well as his scheduling and problem-solving skills have made clients, contractors, suppliers, and anyone involved in the build attest to his great work skills and leadership.

When Juan is not at work, he dedicates time to God and his family. He serves his congregation by playing drums in the praise team. He also enjoys playing soccer, working out and spending quality time with his loved ones.

This review is long overdue. We built our dream home with Shawn and the Alleanza team – and every day for the past two+ years that we have been living in this home, we are grateful for how amazing it is. Every. Single. Day. We love everything about our home, every room. It was worth the wait, the ups and downs, the delays – all normal items when building a custom home. The one item we will single Shawn out for is this: he will stick with you and he will be fair. He will see things through, and he will use reason and good judgement in difficult times, always standing by you so you feel supported. I know friends and family members who have had horrific experiences building custom homes, ...