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The Custom Home Building Process

Building custom homes in Houston is exciting, and we love helping people plan the perfect house. Whether you can envision exactly what you want or you need a little help along the way, Alleanza Custom Homes in Houston is here to manage the logistics of the building and pricing process so you can focus on the fun part – selecting all the unique things you want, and making your dreams come true. 

The process can be mystifying, and we specialize in minimizing the confusion to make it enjoyable, efficient, and predictable. We stand by our work throughout the lifetime of your home, and our process can be broken down into three phases. 

Signing Phase

It all starts with talking about what you want. We’ll discuss budget and initial price ranges. Custom home building has a lot of variables, so the price range will narrow the further along we get in this first phase. We’ll put together a blueprint and look at some of the other homes we’ve created, so you can get ideas and point out what you love and what you don’t. You’ll have the opportunity to talk to our references and get to know what it’s like to move through the Houston custom home building process.


Then, we start designing your Houston custom home. You talk to our architects and choose the one who best understands your vision and your needs. For a $5,000 - $10,000 deposit, which is credited to your account once you sign on with us, we’ll manage the building consultations during the design phase so that both you and your architect stay on budget and understand the construction logistics involved in each decision. This collaboration ensures there are no surprises. 

Transitional home design photo in Houston
Tseng Residence

Prepping Phase

Once you have a floor plan, you’ll decide if you want to move forward. You’ll get a final price and sign a contract. There are two contracts that we use; a fixed price, which comes with a cost and a handful of allowances for you to have when you’re making decisions on the details. There’s also a pricing model that follows a cost-plus option. In that case, you’ll have more flexibility in the pricing. Both models offer opportunities for savings, and we’ll talk about the best fit for you.

We’ll also take care of the engineering , city permits, and HOA approvals. 

Construction Phase

At last – the building begins. Depending on what we’re creating for you, the typical build time is approximately 14 months. The entire process from the time you make a decision to the time we hand over the keys is about 18 to 24 months. 

We don’t forget about you after the home is built. Once it’s ready, we host an open house so you can meet your new neighbors and enjoy showing off your new home to you friends and family members. We also handle any emergencies that come up and we inspect the property 30-60 days and a full year after you’ve been living there. Our lifetime guarantee ensures that we covered all the bases, and that you’re happy living in one of our Houston custom homes. 

Transitional home design photo in Houston