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Custom Home Builders in Houston – What Does Alleanza Mean?

Alleanza is an Italian word for covenant. When you share your dreams and your plans with us, we will make promises and commitments to you that we take seriously. We stand by each of our custom built homes in Houston with a lifetime guarantee. This is our covenant – our promise - to you and your family. We will do what we say we’re going to do, and we’ll exceed your expectations every step of the way.

Alleanza’s History

We started as custom home builders in Houston in 2007. All our homes have been distinguished by their design, custom features, and high quality. Our company started during an inconvenient economic period for real estate, but we knew that custom built homes in Houston had potential, and we knew we were the best at what we do. When you provide high quality and outstanding customer service, people will always want to work with you. We’ve found that to be true, and by the end of 2017, we will have completed our 50th custom built home in Houston. We’re proud of that as well as the many relationships forged along the way.

What Makes Alleanza Unique?

Our designs are unique, compared to other home builders in Houston. The architects we work with are talented and they design truly custom and high-end homes.

Our reputation for doing what we say we will do and standing behind our work is well established. There’s a lot of credibility associated with our name and our ability to create custom built homes in Houston. We’ve been building custom homes for 14 years, and people know we can be trusted.

Our process is seamless for the future homeowner. We make it fun and managed and predictable. We are constantly communicating with you, your architect, and the entire construction team. Everything is transparent and predictable and the end result is exactly what you envisioned when we first started talking about your dream home.


We can’t say enough good things about Alleanza Custom Homes! Shawn, Juan, and the entire team were communicative, professional, honest, and fair throughout the entire engagement. The way they organized and managed such a massive undertaking with so many moving pieces was so impressive. We are very detail-oriented folks when it comes to our home, and the Alleanza team handled all of our requests with grace. They explained various options for things we were considering until all of our questions were answered. Shawn even found issues at different stages of the process that we hadn’t noticed yet, and he proactively addressed them until they were perfect. Somehow, rain or shine, Shawn answered every call with enthusiasm. Whenever he wasn’t available, he returned every call and text promptly. We are in awe of the quality and beauty of the finished product. We can honestly say that Shawn and his team helped us to build our dream home and we will always be grateful. We have already recommended Alleanza Custom Homes to several friends and we would use them again in a heartbeat should we every decide to build another home.Read More

There seems to be a commonality amongst people that have built with Alleanza; we all are very happy with their work and with their team. As others have pointed out, Shawn (owner) is honest and fair. He truly aims to build a solid and beautiful home for you. He sat with us through our architectural meetings (which I’d highly recommend) and subsequently collaborated with the architect and designer throughout construction. As one would expect, while building a custom home there were hiccups, curveballs, and a few tough conversations along the way; Shawn and his jobsite supervisor, Juan, handled it impressively. They really did go above and beyond to execute on the plan and always do the right thing. One item that stuck out in my mind was when the driveway concrete was to be poured. We wanted our children’s handprints to be in the concrete, however we were away on vacation when all of this was happening. Instead of carrying forward with the schedule, Shawn and Juan made it a point to hold off on that one part until we made it home. Talk about a “custom” touch! I’m not a homebuilder, but I did visit the jobsite every single day during construction, and I will attest that things are just as nice inside the walls as they are on the outside. They do not cut corners and on the couple things that did happen to slip through the cracks, they came back and made it right. I can’t express how impressed I am by this. I’ll be the first one to admit that I’m a tough person to please, but Alleanza nailed it. They have integrity, skill, and bluntly stated, they build nice homes. I would now consider Shawn and Juan our friends; I would certainly build another home with Alleanza, and hopefully have them over to a BBQ in the meantime.Read More

Shawn and Carlos are great. They walked us through the process and made the experience as pleasant as possible. Building a custom home is a process that requires patience. Do your due diligence and pick the builder you feel you can work with when all parties are frustrated. Shawn helped us when things went different from plan. Walked through solutions and helped with suggestions that were cost effective. We trusted Alleanza, Shawn and Carlos to put us in the best position during this crazy process. And it was well worth it. Plus they don’t disappear once the home is built. Find what group works best for you. For our family it was Alleanza!!Read More

Shawn and Juan were excellent to work with, from project management to client care - they are the best. Down to earth, so make clients feel at ease and they are extremely knowledgable. I'm an interior designer and referred Alleanza to my clients, and it was the best decision. They've been responsive, professional, and all around wonderful to work with. My clients are happy, which makes my job much easier. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to do a design project.Read More

This review is long overdue. We built our dream home with Shawn and the Alleanza team – and every day for the past two+ years that we have been living in this home, we are grateful for how amazing it is. Every. Single. Day. We love everything about our home, every room. It was worth the wait, the ups and downs, the delays – all normal items when building a custom home. The one item we will single Shawn out for is this: he will stick with you and he will be fair. He will see things through, and he will use reason and good judgement in difficult times, always standing by you so you feel supported. I know friends and family members who have had horrific experiences building custom homes, but that was not our experience. We would build again with Shawn, without any hesitation, and would highly (highly) recommend him and his team to anyone building a custom home. Further, we consider Shawn and his team to be part of our family now. I believe this is common in the Alleanza family of homeowners, but not common elsewhere. A couple of other points worth calling out: Shawn worked very well with our architect and our designer – it was a perfect triangle of artists and creators who in many cases can easily butt heads. Yes, there were strong opinions here and there, but everyone worked very well with each other, respectfully and professionally – it was a dream team. Second, Alleanza’s framers and foundation team – both – are beyond rock solid. We had a pool table installed upstairs. The team has been installing pool tables in high end homes for over 30 years. We were told all tables require a “shim” upon installation to even out the table so that everything is level. When they got to our installation, there was no “shim” required. The team told us this was the first house they had ever installed a second floor pool table where the floor was perfectly level. A big shout out to those crews on Shawn’s team! Overall, we support a 5 star rating for Shawn and his team – and our house supports it as well.Read More